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The eventful  business year 2016 is coming to a close and we are now in the festive season, a season know as a season of festivities, pomp and ceremony. However, pertinent to our services this season is also infamously known for road carnage that result in loss of lives, limps, disabilities, destruction of families and loss of properties.

While wishing all our clients and associates a peaceful festive season and well deserved rest. We call upon all our members and other road users to to make the 2016/17 festive season a turning point in our travels and we invite the responsible use of the roads by driving and using the roads responsible, with the aim of drastically reducing the unacceptable levels of carnage of the South African roads.

We invite our members, law enforcers, passengers and other road users to work together by strictly adhering to the rules of the road, being tolerant to one another, balancing rights with obligations and importantly avoid the known killers indicated below;

1. Drinking and driving and the use of intoxicating substances

2.  Driving unroadworthy vehicles

3. Use of cellphones while driving

4. Over speeding and general reckless driving

5. Fatigue

Patriotism demands that individually, we must observe the constitutional guaranteed right to life, peace and security to all citizens. Reckless driving and all forms of disregard for the law result in the gross violation of our constitution and bill of rights deserving severe punitive actions to the transgressors. 

We wish our clients and other road users a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2017.