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NTA Funeral Scheme.

It is with greatest pleasure and excitement to announce the NTA Burial Scheme for members, drivers and administration staff at all levels of the organisation.

The scheme will be effective from 01 July 2016 and NTA structures, members and their staff are invited to participate.

Scheme membership fee is R350,00 per annum, payable before the 30th June 2016; the membership fee is valid for 12 months renewable before the 30th June every year.

Funeral Benefit payable on death of:

A. Member                                                                       R20,000,00

B. Spouse                                                                          R20,000,00

C. Children aged 14 years and over                  R20,000,00

D. Children aged 6-13 years                                 R7,500,00

E. Children aged 1-5 years                                    R4,000,00

F. Stillborn to 11 months                                       R2,000,00

Scheme membership fees must be deposited into the NTA Burial Scheme bank account below and the deposit slip together with the application form/s must be submitted to the NTA office for the issuance of a scheme number and the official receipt.

NAME        : National Taxi Alliance Burial Scheme

BANK         : Nedbank

BRANCH   : Carlton Centre

ACC. NO     : 1124508228


Child: The member’s natural or legally adopted child (including a posthumous child of a member); provided such is under the age 21 years and unmarried. A married child or a child who has turned 21 may continue to qualify as a child

if he suffers from a defect of mind or body.

Where possible, we would encourage bulk deposits and submissions for expeditious administration procedures.

A married child or a child who has turned 21 may continue to qualify as a child up to and including the age of 25 years if he or she continues in full time education.

Stillborn: A child will be regarded as a stillborn child if death occurs after the 26th week of pregnancy but, before a live delivery.

Spouse: A person who is married to the member.

Marriage: A union recognized as a marriage in accordance with any law or custom, including:

  • A customary marriage concluded in accordance with customary law.
  •  A union recognized as a marriage under the tenets of any Asiatic religion

A permanent life partnership: provided that NTA receives satisfactory proof that a permanent Life partnership had been established in which the partners to such relationship had been living Together for at least the last six months.

Negotiations are at an advance stage with the NTA Burial Scheme underwriter for the inclusion of members over 70 years of age and for an optional scheme with benefits of R50 000,00 or more per claim.

Should you have any queries regarding the above subject matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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