About National Taxi Alliance


The National Taxi Alliance (NTA) is a South African group body of Affiliated independent national, provincial, regional and primary taxi associations. The primary objectives for which the NTA was established for, are to promote and defend the interests of its members and to on an ongoing basis articulate its members hopes and aspirations, economically and socially.


The National Taxi Alliance (NTA) is commited to:

  • strengthen democracy, high service and safety levels and optimum economic activities at all levels of the membership of the NTA.
  • actively participate in various forums and governmental and non-governmental structures that are aimed at eradicating poverty crime and health related problems among our members and within Africa communities at large especially South Africa.
  • creating a platform for the South African taxi industry to speak with one voice in a “unity in diversity” form, on matters of common effect to the industry.
  • actively encourage democracy and adherence to the corporate governance and universally accepted business behavioral norms, in order to attract investment for the economic and social well being of our members and by extension our nation.
  • at all times work tirelessly for a violence free, positive image, none corrupt and law abiding taxi industry.
  • work and act against abuse of any form of power especially on women and children.
  • work tirelessly for educational and skills development of our members.