Message from NTA

We anticipated that post the Covid 19 hard lockdowns that had a detrimental effect on the business viability of the taxi industry, it would not take long for the industry to recover and be profitable again. Here we are, almost two years down the line our industry is still saddled with the Covid 19 residual financial effects of the pandemic.

Recovery to pre Covid 19 taxi economics requires all the role player to pull together in the execution of a recovery plan that will require sacrifices from all sides…

NATIONAL TAXI ALLIANCE – National rapid mobility to prosperity

The National Taxi Alliance (NTA) is a South African group body of Affiliated independent national, provincial, regional and primary taxi associations. The primary objectives for which the NTA was established for, are to promote and defend the interests of its members and to on an ongoing basis articulate its members hopes and aspirations, economically and socially.

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