Our human wisdom and capabilities have been challenged to the limit by the Corona Virus pandemic.
In the recorded history of mankind there has never been a pandemic that exposed science and technology limitations to this fragility and paralysis state of despair which begs our decisive action.
We have grown accustomed to shifting responsibilities and sadly Covid-19 is glaringly nudging us to speak, act and ponder in unison if we want to avoid the seemingly inevitable catastrophe this pandemic threatens our nation, continent and the world with.

Listening to state leaders, experts and all wisdom about what is expected of us in reaction to the Covid-19 is no longer a choice but law commands to be obeyed without questioning.
We all have unquestionable duties to ourselves and others to do what will save us and the world from this pandemic. Inevitably, the fight against Covid-19 alters our lives both socially and economically to a point where we have no choice but accept the changes irrespective of the enormity of its negative impact to life as we know it.
We therefore urge all our members, staff and associates to heed the call made by the President of our country and government to obey the Lockdown regulations and to act on the advices of the experts on the dos and don’ts of the Covid-19.

We call upon our business partners to do all possible to assist our members to lesson the economic burden places on them by Covid-19 shutdown.
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